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Beatons High Society Secrets Trains Hopeless Hipster Chick

The results were surprisingly encouraging. I looked ... elegant.

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The Art of Sophistication

Rated on intelligence, movement, walking, sitting, posture, grace, elegance, style, grooming and confidence..

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Life on Fifth Ave

"There's this kind of secret society of the super rich," she says leaning forward as if about to divulge the entrance code...

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The Most Sophisticated Women in the World

... the London - and New York - based finishing school BeatonsHigh Society Secrets, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keira Knightley, and Thandie Newton

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High Society Secrets modern finishing school style classes...

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Style Secrets

...stylish women know the importance of good posture...



Catherine Zeta Jones

...the London and New York based Finishing School High Society Secrets...

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Finishing School

"Some of us could do with a bit of polish to operate in high society. High Society Secrets offersintensive training in topics like etiquette, deportment, style and elegance. (They even teach you how to walk in high heels)..."

reviews of beatons

A Modern Finishing School

"...never has the utterance "no pain, no gain" been so true. I perform again and this time I am confident, poised, elegant. I am not my old self. I do not totter home; I stride. I look forward to my promotion. "


The Today Programme

We visited Beatons Finishing School in London to get answers on how to deal best with social awkwardness

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"It is really rather wonderful"

Beaton's is a Finishing School of High Society Secrets, the British academy of poise, posture, elegance and etiquette.  It's where you go to get 'finished orf' as the completely beautiful Jean Shrimpton (right) did in the 1960's.